The FleetWeather Group

For nearly half a century, The FleetWeather Group has provided weather routing and forecasting to the commercial shipping industry. Our clients across the globe have trusted The FleetWeather Group to provide accurate forecasts, superior customer service and timely reports to ensure decisions are made with confidence and to minimize risk.

The FleetWeather Group is comprised of FleetWeather Ocean Services and Accuritas Global Solutions which have both evolved over the years to assist those throughout the industry including ship owners, managers, pool operators and charterers.

FleetWeather Ocean Services

Traditional weather routing and forecasting, charter party compliance and claims guidance are the foundation solutions delivered by FleetWeather Ocean Services.

Weather Routing & Forecasting: Shore-based meteorologists and ship routers have the distinct advantage and experience of knowing which weather models are to be believed and how the trusted models impact the safety and performance of your vessels. Those aboard vessels have an ever-increasing workload and although weather routing is an important component, the guidance and recommendations should fall in the hands of trained, experienced professionals. Harnessing the ability to monitor the weather and sea conditions 24 hours a day and forecasting changes days in advance can lead to savings in time and fuel consumption with efficient communication of advices to all parties involved both at sea and shoreside. Whether short-sea or trans-ocean passages, savings and safety can be achieved.

Charter Party Compliance: FleetWeather Ocean Services uses an exclusive segmented performance analysis evaluation which enhances accuracy and provides custom reporting down to the hour. Our team of shipping analysts combined with robust internal software provide you with data you can trust with methods that are in strict adherence to charter party terms. No matter how complex the charter party agreement may be, the daily monitoring and end of voyage reports need to be compliant. FleetWeather Ocean Services has every scenario covered from multiple warrants, benchmarks based on draft or even consumption values based on activities other than propulsion. With the cost of fuel on the rise, being aware of charter party compliance is crucial during the voyage…not just afterwards. With daily performance emails enroute, post voyage reports and 24/7 support, you can be best prepared.

Speed & Consumption Claims: With decades of experience, FleetWeather Ocean Services has helped customers raise or defend claims with the peace of mind that comes with definitive numbers and accurate data. We are one of the non-biased leaders in claims analysis, voyage reconstructions and rebuttal guidance. Expert reports use standing/current London Arbitration Awards and Case Law as a foundation for methodology. In fact, research data can be made available to provide concrete evidence for enhanced support. Ship owners, managers, charterers, P&I clubs and law firms all rely on the findings of FleetWeather Ocean Services. 

Accuritas Global Solutions

In 2016, The FleetWeather Group recognized a need in the industry to deal with the ever increasing requirement to deal with data management and analytics. The new brand ‘Accuritas Global Solutions’ was formed to fill a void for customers that wanted to go above and beyond the traditional and conservative approach of dealing with data.

Data Analytics & Integration: Delivery of vetted, data-driven solutions from vessels supplemented with other internal and external data sources is the driving force behind our customized data management products. Integration with internal ERP, VMS or other pre-existing software systems is a reality which will maximize your return on investment. The goal is for everyone within your organization to have a clear, unified and intelligent understanding of your vessels. 

Environmental Compliance: The IMO as well other local governing bodies have instituted regulations that are becoming quite burdensome to the ship owner. From low sulphur fuel to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions to EU MRV, the amount of regulations and related high-dollar decisions are just beginning. Monitoring the proper metrics and reporting the findings to you in the interest of compliance as a part of your SEEMP is a key solution.   

In-Port Performance Monitoring: The typical 'black hole' of data is can be measured and acted upon with greater certainty. Most shipping companies ignore or claim ignorance to what is happening in port when it comes to fuel consumption or any other activity. Whether the vessel is a bulk carrier or a chemical tanker, all pertinent data can be captured and compared against warrants or benchmarks. The results can highlight unforeseen issues related to the ship or the efficiency of the port itself. In-port claims can be created as well as other performance summaries which can streamline P&L sheets and enhance OPEX monitoring.