Corporate Management

Jeff Wimmer
Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Co-Founder
Phone: +1-845-226-8300
Email Jeff Wimmer
Tore Jakobsen
Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Co-Founder
Phone: +1-845-226-8300
Email Tore Jakobsen
Tony Russ
Director of Finance and Administration
Phone: +1-845-592-7454
Fax: +1-845-227-7763
Email Tony Russ
 Trevor Bevens
Director of Global Consulting Services
Phone: +1-845-592-7480
Email Trevor Bevens
Steve Roberts
Director of Weather Operations
Certified Consulting Meteorologist (C.C.M.)
Phone: +1-845-592-7460
Email Steve Roberts
Conni Grace
Assistant Director of Finance & Administration
Phone: +1-845-592-7455
Fax: +1-845-227-7763
Email Conni Grace
Adam Bakke
Director of Analyst Services
Phone: +1-845-592-7482
Email Adam Bakke
Bill Sundeberg
Network Administrator
Phone: +1-845-592-7495
Email Network Administrator



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The FleetWeather Group provides a wide range of commercial weather services for professionals decision makers dealing with past or future weather on land and at sea. Contact us now to see if one of our 3 divisions can assist you with your weather needs: +1-845-226-8300

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