About Us

The FleetWeather Group of Companies is one of the world’s most trusted private weather services. In business since 1969, the FleetWeather Group is proud of its 47 years of providing accurate weather information, the highest quality of service and a unique business model incorporating access to live meteorologists in every aspect of our business.

Headquarters: 2566 Route 52, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533 USA (75 miles North of New York City)

Years in Business: 47 Years, Established in 1969

Coverage: Global

Structure: US Corporations

Core Business: Providing Global Weather Intelligence and Weather Decision Assistance to Weather Sensitive Clients and their Professional Decision Makers.

Method: Business-to-business (B2B)

Number of Employees: 45

Company Mission Statement:

“To provide our customers with the expert analysis and thorough interpretation of weather data, specifically geared to each customer’s needs, to ensure their safety, increase their efficiency, and reduce their costs. Legendary customer service provided by our talented professionals, along with the desire and ability to adapt to our customer’s needs, sets us apart from our competition.”

fleetweathergroup.com (corporate)
compuweather.com (forensic, historical and past weather)
accuritas.com (business intelligence & analytics for transportation)
weatherlogin.com (client portal site)


The FleetWeather Group is comprised of 3 companies:

Accuritas Global Solutions (Transportation, Energy, Maritime, Freight and Logistics Industries)

  • Business Intelligence, Analytics, Big Data Solutions and Consulting Services for Global Transportation Leaders
  • Accuritas delivers a wide range of customized services and solutions to 100+ clients from over 60 countries worldwide.
  • The majority of our clients are currently: shipowners, operators, pool managers, and time charterers
  • Accuritas is headquartered in New York and has offices in Connecticut, Athens and Singapore.
  • 47 Years providing support to the global commercial shipping (maritime) industry
  • Accuritas still provides most legacy services:
    • Weather forecasting & routing for vessels
    • Basic performance monitoring (claims focused and ECA compliant)
    • Claims analysis and support
    • Voyage reconstructions & hindcasts

CompuWeather (Forensic Past Historic Weather and Event & Production Forecasting)

  • Largest Worldwide Provider of Forensic Weather Interpretations and Documents
  • Provide services for Insurance Professionals, Attorneys and Engineers
  • Professional Site-Specific Historical Past Weather Reports Specifically For Insurance Claims & Legal Cases
  • Over 82,000 Forensic Past Weather Reports Produced in our 40 Year History by our Forensic Meteorologists
  • Our services have been used to manage approximately 400,000 insurance claims and legal cases (250,000+ hurricane related claims and 140,000+ non-hurricane related claims)
  • Premier Source for Hurricane Data & Analysis (Used in over 200,000 Katrina Cases/Claims)
  • Corporate & Utility Weather Consulting –Projects, Studies, Outlooks, etc. (Retrospective Weather Analysis, Risk Management, Strategic Planning & Resource Planning and Allocation)
  • Also CompuWeather is the Largest Provider of Site-Specific Forecasting for File, TV, Movies, Commercial Production & Outdoor Events

FleetWeather Forecasting Services (Domestic Forecasting Division)

  • Weather Forecasting, Advisories, Alerts and 24/7 Live Consultations for Weather Sensitive Clients
  • Site-Specific Weather Interpretations – Not Just Weather Data!
  • We Prepare and deliver over 300 Daily Site-Specific Customized Forecasts
  • We Provide Our Client with 100,000+ Site-Specific Weather Forecasts Annually!
  • Types of Clients Include:
    • Major Sports Teams, Radio and TV Stations
    • School Districts, Universities & Colleges
    • Contractors, Construction, Roofing and Paving Companies
    • Hi-Rise Crane Companies, Shipping Ports & terminals
    • Municipalities, Highway and Transportation Departments
    • Utility Companies and Major Corporations

The FleetWeather Group provides a wide range of commercial weather services for professionals decision makers dealing with past or future weather on land and at sea. Contact us now to see if one of our 3 divisions can assist you with your weather needs: +1-845-226-8300

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